What happen to Faber at the finishing of the book fahrenheit 451? I lately can't give the impression of being to remember.?

Answers:    Professor Faber: An aging intellectual in a world with no place for such nation, Faber greatly disapproves of the dehumanized, oppressive society in which he lives. However, Faber feel it is safer to live discreetly rather than protest or attempt to change the world. Faber and Montag first met years ago surrounded by a park and after a long discussion about books, gave Montag his contact information. After Montag is taken within by the magic of books, he seeks Faber out and together, the two men try to work together against their suppressive society. When Montag is running from the law, Faber helps him escape. At the bring to a close of the novel, we are led to believe that Faber escapes the atomic bomb, as he have planned to catch an early bus out of the city.

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