Anyone have any ideas?

Question:I'm working at a daycares this summer and i was wondering if anyone had any ideas for themes or games or anything really

have a summertime theme, alphabet letters, nursery rhymes, under the sea, teddy bear picnic, farm animals, things in nature, outer space, the jungle, musical intruments, shapes and colors, for some themes

activities.fingerpainting with pudding, sidewalk chalk, show and tell (corresponding w/ the weeks theme), nature walk, picnic, beach day, make pasta or cereal necklaces, make puppets, story time, singing songs like "baby shark" and others where the children can act them out with hand motions, have a day w/ music and the kids make their own instruments (toilet paper tubes or plastic containers decorated and filled with beans or rice), trip to a playground, field trip to a zoo, farm, museum, or historical site, the possibilities are endless...
Simplicity, hands on and action. Kids love to draw and paint. They also love to act. Get them involved in making their own play. But don't forget the outdoor stuff. Remember the old fashioned Duck, Duck goose, farmer in the dell, London bridge. And I bet if you ask them they will come up with some fun games themselves.

Just remember interaction, fair play and FUN.

Have a Happy Summer
Depending on the age. I saw a teacher put a pile of shaving cream on the table in front of each child. She then told them to smear in on the table in front of themselves. (to draw on). The she would say... draw a tree... etc. They really enjoyed it. Then she gave them all paper towels and they wiped it up.. this served several things. Clean table.. clean hands.. and they had fun.
Go to the library and look for books on early childhood education, preschool, teaching, and games.
Depends on the age of the kids. I did a school age group for years and I always encouraged a little reading. One thing they really loved was a read-aloud project I did. I read age-appropriate books that I knew had been made into movies. I remember doing Holes as one of them that summer. We read a chapter or two or three a day (the kids loved it and often begged for just one more chapter!), then when we finished the book, we watched the movie, followed by a great discussion comparing the movie and the book: what was different? what was the same? which was better? what were your favorite parts/characters? It was tremendously successful, although they weren't too excited about it to begin with. By the end of the summer they were asking if we had time to do just one more book before school starts!
circus, summer, teddybears picnic, nursery rhymes, transport, our world (gardening, minibeasts, the sun etc), under the sea, by the beach, space, ourselves, theme based on a story book, "writing" letters - posting them to themselves- postman pat, animals, jungle, shapes, numbers, letters, celebrations, emergency services, toys and games ... is that enough?
Teach them about animals and the environment. Kids love animals. Maybe you can tape a few shows to play before nap time. And you can have them draw animals. Or pre-cut shapes from different colors of construction paper so they can glue them together to make animals. Maybe you can have them bring in their own utensils and you can have them wash them when their done to teach them about recycling and conservation. Maybe have them make some simple shoulder bags (for shopping, toting their things) with yarn and those big plastic stitching needles. Ask them what they think they can do to save the planet. Good question! Have fun!
Themes are a great way to organize your program. Pick a theme a week and find books at the library, songs, crafts all around the themes. Some ideas, sea life, farm animals, insects/ bugs, fruit or food, community helpers (firemen, policmen), pets, family, transportation, outerspace, zoo animals, jungle, self-awareness, cultural awareness or careers (What do you want to be when you grow up?).

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