Do you remember your first day of school?

Question:Do you remember what it was like when you went to school for the first time in your life? How did it make you feel at the time? Did you want to stay home with your mom instead of going to either Pre-School or Kindergarten?

Yes I do remember it. I was 6 when I started Kindy. I remember my Mom had put me in these little striped Knickers that she had sewn for me and I saw that the other little girls were all wearing dresses and pants so I tried hard to pull them down to my ankles and I waddled into the classroom with these knickers haning down-hehe. I was embarrassed. Earlier that day the bus came to pick up the Early Birds and I was suppose to be a Late Bird so that meant I stayed until my Mom came to pick me up. The Teacher thought I was an Early Bird and put me on the bus. I got off at a friends house which was quite a few blocks away. My friend told me to wait on the porch until she asked her Mom if I could play. Well I waited and waited for what seemed forever- probably 5 minutes) and then I walked all the way home. Imagine my Moms surprsie to see me standing there knocking ont he door.

My Mom was so mad. She drove me back to school and chewed out the Teacher for putting me on that bus. She was so frightened.
I don't remember much about it other than this tidbit:

When I went to the bathroom at home, I always left the door open, and no one at home cared. So, I didn't realize that wasn't normal. When I used the bathroom (which was in the kindergarten room) on the first day, the other kids teased me because they could see me pee.
I remember the interview before being accepted.
I waited in this darkish room with heavy dark mahogany furniture. Slight smell of incense in the back ground. When the headmistress came in, she was a nun. Her order of nuns word a wimple like a bird in flight, it was white and covered her ears and most of her eyebrow, her navy robes covered her whole body from neck to ankles. I remember I just kept staring at this small face the only part exposed - I remember my mother whispering harshly time and time again 'stop staring'.
I kinda sorta remembered. I was scared to go in, but found out I liked it. And I asked for my mom alot. Once, I told my teacher "I have abdominal pain" (I was 3 or 4) and she started freaking out and called my parents.
yes-- i ran away from my mom & into the classroom cuz it looked so fun!

my mom cried--(oh well!)
Yes. I got on a school bus that pulled up to my house. I wore a dress. It was Kindergarten. I did not attend pre-school. When I got there, the teacher made me cry. I guess I did something wrong. But she made me cry. I never wanted to go back. I told my sisters. they were in the same school. They told my mom. She made me go back the next day. However, I think I had a note or something because the teacher was nice to me from then on.
I don't remember my first day at school, but I do remember the first time I was bussed in 2nd grade - THAT was traumatic! But I always loved school and could never wait for summer to be over - I'd even play school with my friends during the summer cuz I missed it. It's OK though, cuz now I'm pretty normal and actually have a life! LOL
I remember the first day of school. I had already attended Kindergarten Round Up so I knew what the teacher would be and what the room looked like. I wanted to go to school because my sister who is a year older always got to go to see her school friends in the evenings and weekends. I did not have any friends except neighbors.

The first day was a good day. But, I was worried about the bus ride. I had never been on a bus before. My sister was a bit of a know-it-all and she teased me about being afraid of the bus. I got so angry with her that I forgot to be worried about the bus. The teacher, Mrs. Patterson, was an older teacher, and she knew my sister and parents. Karen had been her student too. Mrs. Patterson greeted everyone and reminded us that she knew someone in our families. I liked that she knew my partents. I felt better about school when she said that she remembered Karen.
I'm 29 now, and I remember I definitely didn't want to stay home. I had a half day of Kindergarten which started at 11:00 or 11:30. My older sister started school at the normal 8:00. I woke up early the first day of school, waiting to go with my sister. I was absolutely devastated to learn I had to wait a few more hours. When I got to school, the teacher gave us all little Bunny Rabbit nametags to wear, to help us remember her name, and her remember ours. Her name was Mrs. Hopper, hence the bunny. It was a catholic school, and on the first day, we colored a picture of Mary. We sat at little tables, and had the chunky crayons in the middle of the table in white baskets. When I brought it home, my mother wanted to know why I colored her clothes blue, instead of white? Thanks mom!
Yes, I remember a bit. I was excited to go to school and I got there and sat at a table with a bunch of kids who were crying and didn't want to leave their mommies. I felt like there was something wrong with me for being happy to be at school. I tried to cry, but I couldn't. I loved school ever since.

Now daycare, another issue. . . . I wanted my mom to be home after school so I could be with her, but she has worked my entire life. Now I have my own kids and my mom is still working, and I still wish she didn't. :-)
yup! actually, i pitied my mom cause she'll stay home i want to be with her.l but she said school's first so i went. there are even times that i cry at our lavatory at school cause i miss my mom..and i cant eat at school due to depression of being away from that im grown up (15) i laugh at those incidents!
I remember my first day so clearly.
When I was entering I got scared cos I saw all the Year6's stare at me, lol. It I started crying because I really wanted to go home :(
I feel proud that I was big enough to go to school. I was excited.
I'm pretty an adventurous spirit at birth but i never discovered that until i was finally out in the open!it was pretty scary in the first time and my teacher are really horror!my teacher was forcing me to do things i really don't know yet!she forgot I'm just a kid!so what i did is i gave her a hard time i didn't quit.sometimes teachers forgets that kids also experience culture shock in the i myself is a pre-school teacher and have three every time i teach or meet a child at first time i see to it he will be looking forward to meet me again.
I come from a family of five sibblings. When I was in school we had a one-room schoolhouse which was run by the local Catholic church. It was an interesting exprience being in Kindergarten in the same room as my two elder brothers. I learned the multiplication tables at an early age!
I remember my first day of preschool. I got in the car with my mom and we drove be jiffy lube and some houses. I remember going in to the parking lot and this mom's SUV was broken down near the enterance of the parking lot while we were behind them. The mom and a couple of other moms pushed the car into the parking lot. I remember we (my mom and I) got out of our car and we saw a "big" like second grader probably and I was afraid of her. We waited outside of some classrooms and I played in a sandbox with some other kids. Then we went in the classroom and I cried when my mom left.
I'm not necessarily sure I remember the 1st day, but I do remember Pre-K. I personally loved it. And I remember that I was probably petrified, but not as much as normally because I had my twin with me. But I did want to go back. It's funny but I don't remember any friends from that school. Just that we had our classes in a trailer and that we played dress up and had to brush our teeth after we ate lunch. And that there was nap time and that I didn't sleep. Weird. I know, but you can't help what you remember.

That's it though.

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