Any experience with Primrose School?

Yes, I worked at a Primrose School in Highlands Ranch, CO and I found many of the staff to be immature and inexperienced. I was appalled to find a staff member doing her homework on one occasion when I reentered the school-age classroom while some of the children ran around the room and others jumped from the furniture. On another instance I observed a young staff person (high-school age) sending text messages from her cell phone as the children "napped."

I was especially uncomfortable with the notion that I couldn't move any of the furniture. I was also not satisfied with the prospect of having to wear a silly uniform. I worked at this site for little more than a week before I announced my immediate resignation. I made the excuse that I had already found another job, which I actually did a week after leaving Primrose.

Some people may have had great experiences with Primrose, but I would never recommend one based upon what I experienced. I can't ever imagine working for a corporate childcare organization again either. I certainly hope I never have to make that choice.
I haven't had any experience with them, but I believe the ones in the Atlanta GA area have a good reputation.

You should visit ANY preschool that you are interested in and ask to observe a class in session. See how the teachers interact with the children, the types of activities taking place, the materials available for the children. Also ask about the training the teachers have completed and their experience. I think you should also ask for some references from parents. If the director is reluctant to give you contact information for any of the parents, you should give the director YOUR phone number or e-mail address and ask her to give it to a few parents who may be willing to contact you.

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