Anyone know any ideas for a music activity you can do with babies under one?Thanks :)?

lots of nursery rhymes especially ones with actions-the cbeebies website has makaton nursery rhymes which are great for when the child starts school as more and more children use it.

get the saucepans and wooden spoons out and let the child play the 'drums' while you sing along-we llike this is my very very very noisy song-just repeat! (make sure you dont have a headache when you start this as you will probably have one after!)
You could play "freeze-dance." Play some kiddy music and explain that they have to dance around and act silly. When the music stops, they have to FREEZE!
My daughter loves that game.
Patty Cake is a good one.
very soothing music, some thing resembling mothers' heart beat for babies very young, for older kids I am sure there are different songs.
depending on how old ur baby is... my son is 14 month old and I emptied some uncooked pasta into a plastic bottle (fill acording to size, bigger the bottle the more pasta) make sure lid is closed securly and selotape it shut. U now have 1 shaker! my son loves it, pots and pans for drums with wooden spoons. pick up a tamborine for a few pound at Toys R us. Enjoy the noise!! x
I do not know about activities. I think exposing a child to music as early as possible is extremely important. We always had a radio playing for our children. Primarily kept it tuned to National Public Radio. But did expose them to all genres. The oldest is now working in a music studio. Good Luck.
I did wind your bobbins up really early with my baby held him on my lap and moved his arms and did the actions with him teaching him to clap count and move his arms. When they are about 8 or 9 months you can also do row your boat sit them on facing you and hold their arms moving them forwards and backwards and rocking from side to side if you sing rock the boat after. all of this is gentle movements of course. Wheels on the bus would work too
any nursery song would be good, you can use your hands and fingers to move with the rhythm so the baby can be interested and have fun.
Jump up and down while singing any song..the baby may start dancing along with you...
Maybe do paticake or other hand games
My baby is 9 months and I simply sing "clap clap clap your hands, we clap our hands together" and he mimics clapping. Simple enough for this age!
Let the baby squeeze one of your fingers, then let go, and squeeze again and again and again, babies love doing this and it strengthens their hands and grasp

Sorry, I thought you said MUSCLE activity. Sing and hum to the child as much as you can. The child loves the voices of mother and father.
I just made tapes for them to go to bed with. They really liked them. As the other person said a steady slowish beat is best, around heart beat speed. Also no sudden loud bits or they wake up/ Classical music is ideal, stuff like Mozart, not too loud, quite pretty and pretty regular.

Mine are signed songwriters now .
sensory bottles work wonders.. we have all different bottles and tubs which we fill with different things such as sand, rice, pasta, paper, corks, paper clips etc.. make sure all tubs/bottles are securly taped up and you then have different containers that all make a different sound, our babies love all the different sounds they make and they are a very cheap and easy way of introducing music and sounds. we use them while singing songs too!!

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