Advice on teaching my 4 year old to start reading?

Question:Please help, I really don't know where to begin.

First read some good stories to your child, just let the child listen. You really need to get the child interested and curious in books and stories, the rest will follow naturally.
you can start buying books with easy words and pictures .try Barnes and Nobles...
well you can start with flash cards, it will teach them letter recognition and teach them the sound of the letter, maybe give an example "A apple" and so on.
Read to your child as much as you can. My son is only 19 months and he LOVES books. More than the TV.

I read to him several times a day, for anywhere from 5-20 minutes each time.

When you read to your child (because he/she's older) follow along with your finger so they know that you're reading the words on the page.

Start with small words, mostly nouns and some verbs. Work your way up from there. Most bookstores and libraries are organized by reading level. Look for Early Reader section.

Remember to have fun. It should be enjoyable for both of you.
Start with teaching the sounds each letter makes. You may want to look into a phonics program. This will really help him in preschool and kindergarten.
Make sure you also read to him and help him learn site words. (the, am, I...simple small words) By the time a child gets to kindergarten s/he should be able to read small words. **My daughter just finished K and I'm amazing at how well she is reading. They really stressed sounding out words. She may not know the meaning of a word, but she can read it.
bearenstein bears books. first off -- read to the child (referred to it from here on) whenever you can. that's how to indoctrinate it into reading for a lifetime. start young. don't be afraid to read it some harder stuff either. it has a flexible mind, so gear it up to be smart early.
second - learn it the alphabet - it makes up the words. third - read some things that it can memorize so you and it can read together - Dr. Seuss. whatever else you do, read it the words and make sure it is watching the words.
First read to your child - be expressive and use different voices for different characters - use something funny at first to make your child laugh and want more. Praise them for their good listening...

Then feel out your child to see how interested they might be in learning to read by themselves - "Your turn - want to learn how to read to me?" Don't push it tho. Some kids just take longer than others. Kids at age four are very "me" oriented, so you may have to stress what's in it for them. "You'll really be a big girl or boy, won't you?" "Wow! You could read stories to your friends!!"

Hope this helps.
It is really too early for the child to be reading. There are many other play and skill experiences they need to be practicing at this age. They need a lot of mental energy for this, and trying to read might exhaust them.
If you associate reading and books with worry and tension and fear, the child will dislike them.
By the 2nd grade, 7 years old, they should be ready to sit down BY THEMSELVES and concentrate on a picture-book with words.

To get them ready for this, you should introduce them to the "concept" of books. They should see YOU reading books.
They need to visit the children's section of the public library.
They need to be shown how to handle books correctly---how to open them, to carefully turn the pages, to not draw in them or damage them. They should have a few picture books of their own to practice on, but should be taught not to damage them, and that books have a special purpose.
They should also be read stories as often as possible by you---perhaps sitting on your lap, seeing the pictures as you turn the page. You might also ask them about the pictures, and to describe them to you---this is one of the fun parts of a picture book for children.
Let them be affectionate about their books, as they would their favorite toys----in the future, this affection will translate to a love of books and learning when they are adults.
You need to start with small words like an, and, said, with, etc.Then work your way up to bigger words like today,because,etc.When your 4 year old has learned to recognize most of those words, then start putting them together in bare bone sentences:I ate.She ran.The girl ran.etc.Then just start adding more and more words to the sentences.Pretty soon your 4 year old will know a word when he/she sees it and may recognize all the words.He/She will know how to read when that happens.You should help he/she read stories that you may have been reading to her/him before they were old enough to learn to read.Some suggestions are some their favorite stories.When the 4 year old starts reading those stories great,try other stories too that you or he/she haven't heard or read.1 more thing:you have to be patient with the child.Some children are fast learners,others are a bit slower at learning certain things.

This is a great free phonics program. My daughter learned all her lettter sounds with it. It is great all the way up to reading.

Just keep working with your child by reading aloud, putting labels on things around the house, practice spelling simple words.

The first thing to do is make sure he or she knows all the sounds first and how to blend them together. Soon your child will be off and reading before you know it.

I am doing a phonics program that is guaranteed your child will read or your money back. It is working with my daughter and she is already learning how to read words.

Click'NRead Phonics
Why a child at 4 needs to read?What will the child read??
You should not !It is too early! How about more art activities and play! Children learn when play...

Any professional child psychology article will give you more answers why kids don't have to read that early

Good luck!

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