Silkworm story/fairy tale?

Question:im going to college to be a preschool/kindergarten teacher and i have to make up a fairy tale/story for the kids (5-6 years old) and it has to be about silkworms. any ideas?

II would bring some cotton balls or an item made out of cotton, something made out of leather, something made of paper and something made of silk. You could also bring a picture of a silkworm, a moth, a mulberry bush, and a little house if you wanted to make the story even more interesting.

I would then pass the items around one at a time and ask the children if they knew where cotton comes from and then tell them as they pass it around. Do the same with the other items. Finish with the silk item. Then say there's an interesting story about where we get silk from would they like to hear it?

Once upon a time, for all good stories start out with “once upon a time“, there was a beautiful girl who lived with her father and mother in a nice little house. The girl was so beautiful that everyone who saw her fell in love with her. One day a handsome boy was passing by the little house where the girl was outside watering the mulberry bush. She took good care of the mulberry bush because it was her favorite of all the bushes in the yard. Well, the boy took one look at her and immediately fell in love. This time the girl fell in love too. She thought the boy was most handsome boy she had ever seen!

"Hello" he said to her.

Shyly the girl looked at the boy and answered, "Hello."

They talked together and pretty soon they both knew that they were in love and would want to be together always. The girl told the boy to come back tomorrow and meet her parents. The boy left and the girl went into the house. She told her mother and father all about the boy and how they wanted to be married at once!

"But my dear, we can't possibly find a wedding dress for you so quickly!" said her mother.

The girl started to cry for she loved the boy with all her heart and wanted to be with him.

"There, there, you mustn't cry" said her father. "We will think of something I'm sure of it!"

No one saw the little moth that was flying against the window screen wanting desperately to get at the lamp glowing softly on the table next to her father. And no one saw the little moth suddenly fly away.

The little moth flew over to the mulberry bush in the yard, for that is where the moth’s children lived. The moth’s children are called silkworms. They live on the mulberry bush because mulberry leaves are what they eat. When the are ready to become moths, they spin their cocoons, which are like blankets to put around themselves, out of silk. (You remember the piece of silk we passed around? That was made from the cocoons of the silkworms!)

The little moth landed on a branch of the mulberry bush and called all her silkworm children to her. She told them what she had heard at the little house. She told them that the girl who took such good care of their mulberry bush wanted to get married, but she had no dress to wear. The moth told the silkworms if they worked very hard throughout the night they might be able to have enough silk for the girl to have a dress. The silkworms thought that was a fine idea and set to work.

They ate mulberry leaves as fast as they could and spun out silk threads just as fine and delicate as a spider web. Some of the silkworms would weave the silk threads together while the rest kept eating the mulberry leave and making silk. The little moth stayed near and watched.

It seemed like no time at all when the sky began to get light for a new day was coming! The little moth looked at the silk that had been woven into a beautiful white piece of material. Her silkworm children were very tired and needed to take a nap so they all found mulberry leaves to curl up on and went to sleep. The little moth kept watch on the little house.

“Good morning, mother and father. Today is the day you will meet the boy I love. How am I going to tell him that we can’t be married for I have no dress for our wedding?”

“When you are in love a way will be found for you to be together. You must believe that’s true” said her mother.

“I do mother, I do. I am going to go watch for him coming down the road.”

She left the little house with an apple to eat for breakfast. It was going to be a beautiful day. The sky was already blue and the dew sparkled on the grass and bushes. Looking around the yard she gasped when her eyes came to her favorite mulberry bush!

Oh, she had never seen anything so fine, so delicate as the piece of material hanging on the mulberry bush. The dew made it sparkle as if it were covered with hundreds of tiny diamonds. Very, very gently she picked it up and ran to the little house with it.

The moth smiled, yawned, and closed her eyes. Her silkworm children had given a great gift to the girl who took such good care of their mulberry bush. There would be a wedding now because a dress could be made out of the silk material. Happy, the moth sighed and fell asleep.

“Mother, father, look what I found on the mulberry bush! Isn’t it beautiful? Oh, it’s so perfect for my wedding dress!”

“Why, wherever did it come from my dear?” asked her father.

“I told you when you are in love a way will be found and here it is in your hands. As soon as I finish breakfast I will start making a dress for you right away!” said her mother. She was very excited and happy too.

“Thank you mother!” said the girl and gave her mother a kiss on the cheek. Turning to her father she gave him a kiss on the cheek too. “I know I will live happily ever after now!”

And she did.

The end.
the silk worm could help someone by making silk for them ...
maybe making silk for the king or queen because they are in trouble their dress has broken and they need a new one so the silk worm makes silk for them and the dress is the most beautiful in all the land
something like that..
good luck i hope this helps
Think of a riddle or a poem.
Silkworms eat mulberry leaves and there could be a mulberry bush/tree that overgrows the palace, and silkworms are needed. . .

Or a mother silkworm has a baby that will not eat and she has to go to the special tree where the leaves are the sweetest, and in the journey she has adventures. . .

Or the neighboring country has silk that suddenly is better than ours and there is a contest to see which country is better. In the end the 'better' country was using a process that injured the trees/people or something. . .

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