Can someone give me some good sites on party planning for 5 year olds?

Question:I have an assignment in my Child Psychology class that I need the info for.


Hope these help.
Here are some ideas:

Good luck!
What does your child like? Pick a them based on his likes
I have a great idea. Hire some strippers to pop out of a clown cake. Don't forget the tequila....WHO THE ** THROWS PARTIES FOR 5 YEAR OLDS?! I JUST THROW MINE IN THE CLOSET.
my daughter will be 5 on her next birthday and we are gonna have her party at buildabear workshop last yr we had it at her gymnastics gym all the kids loved it!!
I know a great site for you...How about your local porn shop..Or better yet the liquor store.There is always Amsterdam they have great coffee shops for the kids and a really great red light district for your husband to visit and have fun at..After all, poor guy should have a little fun after living a life of h*ll with a prude like you>>>>
I know a great place but it got shut down a few years ago to bad you weren't there.It was the world trade center in your home town..To bad you didn't have a party there on Sept. 11 would have had a blast...LOL..
I know a few greate sights for kids. #1 Mustang Ranch in Reno Nevada...Your 5 year old boys will leave this sight with a grin from cheek to cheek on their face...You might want to take your 5 year old girls to a good strip joint so they can learn some morals that only you would teach them...After you teach them all you already know when they turn 18 you will be all ready for them to be one of your escorts at your company.

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