Activies with children?

Question:one kid is 2 and the other is 4 or 5. Im looking for cute little arts and crafts to do with them. I have popsicle sticks (colored) pipe cleaners, glue, glitter, beads, colored cotton balls, colored paper. have any ideas using these items? or any fun games such a such as scavenger hunts?

Hmmm. You can do tons of stuff! For instance have then make little stick people with the popsicle sticks and cotton balls. If you want to do a scavenger hunt toy can get a medium sized box (plastic would be great) fill it with any substance such as sand, soil, or even cotton. Then hide certain items or toys inside and have them find them. You can also have a spoon relay race using cotton in the place of the eggs ( no mess!). They can also draw and if you have paint make handprints and/or foodprints. Also an obstacle course is really fun! Also i dont know if you can or want to but you can make cookies (pillsbury premade cookies) and have them decorate them and then eat as a snack.

Goodl luck...keep it simple and fun! You'll do great!
With the pipe cleaners and beads you cna have them make braclets. They can make little puppets with the popcile sticks cotton and paper and glue. You might also want to try having them make their own picture books.
any crafts that arent too messy and easy, but fun to make. or, if its nice out, just get alot of different outdoor play things (balls, bats, etc.) and see what games you could make out of the items. for additional ideas, Highlights for Kids is a great magazine for childrens activities!
With the supplies you have, the options are endless:
1.)Puppets with the popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, glue, etc...
2.) Collages with all supplies
3.) Necklaces with the beads and pipe cleaners (if beads are big enough)
4.) Frames with the popsicle sticks and glitter
5.) Make dot art with the cotton balls (put paint on them and let them make dot designs)

I like your Scavenger Hunt idea. You can have the kids "hunt" for he supplies and then do their art projects! Have fun!!
Maka picture frames with the popsicles sticks and decorate with the some glitter and so on. The kids have alot of fun with colors.
There is nothing that children love more than to be able to create whatever they want! Just put out the materials (some or all of them) and let the children decide what to make. I am a teacher and if I don't know what to do with something, I just ask the kids. They always have ideas!
I sugguest linking an activity with a literacy activity. Get a book and read it with the kids. Then have an activity afterwards.

Perhaps you could read a Clifford book and then make dog houses. Or Pete's a Pizza, and then make pretend pizzas...

Be sure to connect the activity to the book by asking questions about the story while doing the activity, such as: Do you think Clifford would like to live in my dog house? Why or why not? Would you like to have a dog as big as Clifford, what would you do with him?

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