Game s for 3-4 year olds?

Question:im goin to a b-day party today for little kids and im suppose to bring a few games for them to play. PLZ dont give tht complicated games cause its for 2-4 year olds.

take block games for the little ones... everybody like em,...
even 2 yr old can play with it...
for around 4 yr. olds, they alos like blocks, but u can take puzzles for them..(the easy ones)...

have fun at the party!!
Some games that are good for this age are;

Ants in the pants

Cootie bug


Chutes and Ladders


Freeze dance is a good game to play. Turn some music on and after a few seconds tell them to freeze. Then tell them to dance and repeat.

Keep it simple and have fun:)
Ball..kick ball

Name that cartoon character




Pin the tail on the donkey



finger paint

eating contest
hide and seek or a fun game get a blanket and put it on a table then have one kid go in and come out as a cat like give them a example say ljk when i come out ill be a doggy then go into the transformer and come out on ur hands and knees and go woof woof it is the cutest game to watch youngsters play!!
Duck,duck, goose it is fun at that age.
blocks, action figures, hi ho cherry oh, go fish, pin the spider on spiderman...
Any game that has very few rules is great with them. Sports don't work well, although soccer isn't bad. They just mostly don't know what they are doing.

Any tag game is awesome, such as...
- Turtle Tag (when they get tagged, they have to lie on their back with their arms and legs in the air, like a turtle on his back, until someone comes and "turns them over")
- Toilet Tag (when they get tagged, they have to get down on one knee with one arm by their side and one forearm pointing straight forward, like a toilet flusher handle, until someone comes and pushes their arm down like a handle to "flush the toilet")

Another GREAT game is "Fishy, Fishy in the Sea" in which all the children line up against one wall, and you stand in the middle of the room and say, "Fishy, Fishy in the Sea, Fishy, Fishy, come to me!" When you say that, the children are to run from one end of the room to the other without getting tagged. If they get tagged, they have to be an octopus and tag people with you each time.

Another thing that kids LOVE are parachute games. There are so many fun things to do with a couple of soccer balls and a parachute. Search the web and you'll find tons.

I have tried all of these games successfully with preschool-age children, so they should work. Good luck!
Game called touch. First you start with colours. Touch green, they look around and touch something green. Touch blue...It's easy and fun for the children. You can then touch shapes...touch a square...
Big jig-saw puzzles are also fun
I threw a Birthday party for my son when he turned 3 and i felt a little overwhelmed because i didn't have a lot of ideas of what games to play with them. So I rented a moon bounce, I did face painting, make your own sundae. I put the kids to race very short distances and whom ever made it first won prizes such as car toys (boys), crayons w/ coloring book ( both) bracelets (girls) etc. and it kept them very well entertained. So best of luck!!
You could always do games like, Simon Says, Follow the Leader, Red Light - Green Light.
Games with physical actions are always great for kids that age.
When my kids were around 2 we would do Simon Says but without making the little ones go out.

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