Can anyone think of a catchy name for the dramatic 'dining' area?

Question:it actually has child-sized tables and chairs that kids use when they playing house or restaurant...I was thinking like 'Let's eat'...but i think that's not catchy enough...

Cute Tummy
Cutie's Canteen (CC)
Fun N Dine
mini-diner, little people's cafe, shorty's restaurant
Happy Nappy
Alphabet Soup Kitchen
Little Spoons
Food for Tots
Tiny Diney
Bells and Whistles
Fun Bun
Table Manor
Kids in the Kitchen
The Cafe
The Diner
Food for thought
How about focusing more on what's being served to eat, than a cute & catchy name.

I want to see balanced & healthy meals being served to the kids, not this crap loaded with sugar and preservatives.
lil' bites
What to name your "dining area" for the children:
Kids Cafe'
Well ... in my center when we do restaurants (like a pizza place) we make menus and signs.

One of the big things is to come up with a name for the "restaurant". I finally had an idea that didn't hurt the children's feelings b/c they're idea wasnt' chosen. I made a sign one day with the center's name on it and added cafe, restaurant, buffett, etc. The kid's loved it and so did the parents.

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