Trying again... I need some A-Z scrapbook ideas. Please read all the information first.?

Question:Okay, people clearly didn't understand what I was talking about in my previous question.

I want to make a scrapbook documenting my son's time in preschool. I have hundreds of pictures taken of field trips, on the playground, them working in class, Christmas and Easter parties, etc.

I don't want items or animals to do A-Z. I want to come up with 26 themes of preschool to make a 26-page scrapbook for my son, about his class and the various themes.

So I want to have a page, with, like "Z is for Zoo", with pictures of their field trip to the zoo. Or "Q is for Quiet", with a picture of the class FINALLY all asleep at naptime. Or "F is for Friends" or "B is for Buddy" with pictures of my sons and his best friends.

I don't need a list of alligator, baseball, cat, dog, elephant, etc. I need actual themes that can be documented in pictures, to make up a scrapbook page, with the themes starting with various letters of the alphabet.

Help me out.

Lets see, you will have to think of the pics if I help w/the subject

A- activities, art projects, awareness, arts and crafts
B-buddy, breakfast, baseball games, brushing your teeth
C-cleaning, creating, coloring, counting, clay
D-deserts, dodge ball
E- conserving energy,clapping erasers, enjoying them self, entertainment (a play)
F-family day, fun, friends, fathers day projects
G-games, going on a trip, gym class
H-helping each other, hat day, taking a hike, king of the hill
I- imagination, making ice cream from snow, ice skating
J-juice and cookies, jobs, juice boxes
K-kindergarten, kickball,
L-listening, learning, laughing,
M- milk, math, manners, music, mothers day
N- noise, nap time, nice,
O- ornaments,
P- playing, party, plays, parents, posters, pretending, polite
Q- quiet time,
R-reading, right and wrong, running , races, recess
S-story time, snowmen, singing songs, sharing toys,
show & tell
T-time outs, teacher, twister,
U- (sorry cant think of any for this one) unwanted touching? : (
V-visitors, visiting _____,
W-working, watching a movie, going for a walk, washing your
X- playing the xylephone?, X-box, X-men, X marks the spot
Y-you (a picture of themself),
Z- going to the zoo,
A is for afriad (first day)
B is for Brave (first day)
C is for creative (Art)
D is for dreamy (Nap time)
E is for energetic (Playground)
F is for field day
G is for good times
H is for homework time
I is for incredible (A+ papers)

I hope this helps you get started!
A - Alot of smiles (start out with a group picture)
B - Best Friend "Name"
C - Crayon Fun
D - Dirty Hands
E - Eating Lunch
F - Funny Faces
G - Girls? Yuck!
H - Having a "Ball" (Playing Ball)
I - Imagine
J - Junk Food
K - Kicking Back or Keeping Safe
L - Learning
M - Making a Mess
N - Never Give Up
O - Overly Excited
P - Proud to be a "School Mascot"
Q - Quiet Please (Nap Time) or (example: Finger over mouth, shh)
R - Rest Time or Recess
S - Snack Time
T - Time to Party
U - Under the Weather (Rainy day)
V - Very Educated (use a lesson page he did in school)
W - Willing to learn (Working)
X - Xtrordinary
Y - Yes to School or Yippee or Yelling
Z - Zoo or Zig Zags (Drawing by your son)

Hope this helps
A = AWESOME! It's the first page and should have impact!
B = Buddy (you said that one)
C = Craft, things he made
D = Dishing it out - anything with food
E = Everybody, photos with everybody
F = Field trips, that's outings etc
G = Great! Anything your child felt was great - doing, seeing..
H = Happy times
I = In love (any little sweethearts?)
J = January/June/July choose a month and what happened
K = Keepsakes
L = Laughter
M = Miss ----- (teachers)
N = Novelty
O = On the ball, sporty photos
P = Parents , that means you and some other parents
Q = Questions, questions that he asked that got answered
R = Rainy days
S = Sporty page
T = Toys, the ones he loved
U = U and me, photos of him and another
V = Very good. All the things he got a star or was good at
W = Wear and tear, any sad-dish moments? Life's not all fun and games
X = xxxxxxxx means kisses
Y = Yellow theme, anything yellow
Z = Zoo (you said that one)
I'm sure that's enough to be getting on with.good idea. Good luck.

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