Can you tell me the legal acts in child care please im stuck on my nvq work?

Question:i am doing my nvq3 in child care and i am finding it abit hard so please help

There are a number of laws made to protect the rights of both children and adults.
Some are:
The Children Act 1989, and 2004
Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001
Education Act 1996 and 2002
Care Standards Act 2000
There are others, have a look in NVQ books such as 'Children's Care, Learning and Development S/NVQ 2' by Beith, Tassoni, Bulman and Robinson.
no idea what a nvq is but as far as rules in the use reguarding legality of child care and the operation there of you need to look at the local, state and federal guidlines usually called title 22, and there you can find all of the guidlines to set up and run a child care facility.

you might also look to the rulings that govern both headstart and block grant preschools
the whole point is you go and find it out yourself! ffs what sort of worker are you going to makle if you cant do simple research.
~National Standards (or National Care Standards)-OFSTED's standards for all registered providers.
~ALL LAWS such as Employment rights, racial equality, discrimination Act, helath and hygiene etc.
~Disqualifications for unsuitable staff.
~Childrens Act is a BIG ONE!

Look up OFSTED on the interent, look in NVQ based books(Waterstones sell good ones) they normally talk mor about them!

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