Do we own any Daycare center directors on here?

Answers:    i just retired as a directer after 25 years. you need to start near the basics. when you come in to the center surrounded by the morning you should go around and greet every teacher intuitively. take time to acknowledge that they are valuable to you by asking how their darkness was, how they're doing that morning, etc. at the end of the afternoon when a worker is leaving, be sure and say thank you for the complicated work that day.

you can also furnish breakfast (donuts, juice, etc) one morning a week. i other cooked my team lunch one day a month. i didn't lay down it, i actually cooked it. i also would work an hour for each entity a month. i'd pop in their classroom and tell them they have a free hour, have fun. it was other a surprise so i could easily work it around my free time. i also gave out certificate for various things (good job, great attitude, going above and beyone, etc). if you distribute one, you need to give one to adjectives. don't ever single out a teacher. if someone isn't doing their job, verbs them into the office and speak with them as a slacker will bring down moral. so will informant. stop the talking. do fun things with your staff. next to my monthly bonus i'd take mine bowling, or out to laser tag, things similar to that. i feel that i didn't earn the bonus alone so i should share it. sometimes i'd divide it equally with the staff. cause sure they each get a birthday cake and a group card. remember their special events. and notify them you appreciate them (give a hug).

really, the best way to bring up moral is be fun, be friendly and encourage everyone to enjoy fun.
not for a daycare but for a preschool - similar situations
It is hard to boost morale, I agree - I make sure to listen on a personal plane to what my employees are going through and acknowledge their hard work. If I see them doing something great near a child (which happens a LOT) I acknowledge that with a smile or even clich�� to the child "gee Mrs. _____ always knows how to kind you smile - or how to fix things" - letting the child know how wonderful their teacher is and at the same time, letting the don know how wonderful they are to the child. good luck
Your staff needs to quality enthusiastic about coming to work. It should be a fun time for the staff as well as the students. Come up near some kind of rewards program for the employees...maybe a point system...maybe 50 points could be worth an afternnoon off near pay...whenevery you catch them doing something unmarked and creative, give them a point. If they have a bleak attitude, take away a point, etc.
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