Does anyone own a group daycare home? will $11,000 be ample to unstop a group daycare of 12 to 15 kids?

i will have 11,000 dollars in jan. and im planning to rent to own a home for use of the group home. it is allowed within my state to have a group home outta a house you dont live in. will $11,000 be plenty for adjectives supplies and stuff i need to get started? any on who have a group home please help

Answers:    You've have a honourable answer there. What a great thing that your state allows you to hold a group home in a home that you are not of resident of. I wish that be so in our State. I would go that route...definately. Make sure it is fine beside your rental people. Sometimes they have a problem near it because of the extra liability. You may need an insurance rider, etc.

$11,000. You should be able to trade name that work...but it all adds up soon and it depends what you have already...and any "renovations/replacements" you need to do. Get fitting deals-go to garage sales :-) You can always replace it following.

I've had good experience near Discount School Lakeshore Learning is nice as well but a bit more expensive.

Decide what you HAVE to have.
* Shelving,
* table, (child height!)
* chairs,
* sleep mats/sheets
* rugs/carpeting
* CD player,
* toys/manipulatives,
*1st year of supplies, paper, art supplies, etc.
*set aside monies for the first 3 months for teatime prep (after that you should be able to go near you income.,
* outdoor equipment is VERY expensive. Most state's require wood chips/mulch now. Will you need to blockade in your play area? Will you entail a shed to store the toys and such in? (Hope not! There's your $11,000!) Will you need man made shade? Be sure to hold a sandbox with a lid. Tricycles/bikes? Portable toys.
*filing cabinent
*training for self and staff member
* is at hand already a kitchen completed? Is there a washer/dryer?
* cubbies are very nice and something to match up the children's belongings is very neccessary.

There is much more. Sorry I can't list it adjectives. What I did when I was working on a center plans was create a floor plan beside everything I wanted/needed in each room. Then I go through my Discount School Supply Catalog and wrote down the approximate price for every piece of equipment. Then if you don't have the budget for it...then you start making a "option list". :-) And get down to the basics of what you have need of. You really need to think roughly how you want the program to run. Mine is in my main living nouns but even though I'm a believer of play/center -based programs I can't do it that way. However if this is in a seperate home you want to infer about offering that. Think about the centers you would want surrounded by a preschool.
Library (soft seating, flannel/magnet board, book shelf)
Fine Motor/Writing
Dramatic Play (can get terribly expensive here!)
Blocks/large group area (can get expensive here too)
A "Teacher's corner"
A Science/Discovery Center

Good luck! What fun!
fees for an accountant and advocate



utilities and phone

advertising and office supplies

food and service supplies (plates, napkins, forks, etc. weekly is expensive)

cots, sheets, pillows, cases (i suggest you purchase your own as parents will not remember to bring them and this is usually a licensing infringement. buy the small camp sized pillows and cases)

toys and educational materials

art supplies, cleaning supplies

cabinetry to hold everything

hand wages and taxes (if you have any employees)

licensing fees, childhood fees, cpr/first aid fees

these are just a few of the things you'll have to cover to procure started. figure up what all this will cost contained by your area and make sure you enjoy enough for at least a year to operate. you can't count on human being at full capacity immediately or adjectives the time. prepare for the down times and have enough within the bank to keep you going.

correct luck. i loved it when i did this.
Here's what you need, so figure..

12-15 Mats and Blankets
Plenty of Drinks
Renting the Home

Figure that to open with. I'm not totally sure how much your rent will be in the house, that's something exceptionally important to consider.

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