What question should i ask at the interview?

i am going for an interview for an apprenticeship at a nursery tomorrow. i have been told i should ask a few questions give or take a few the nursery.

any ideas on what would be suitable to ask them.
how many of the children actually go to sleep
If they don't tell you, ask about expected duties. If they do go through what your duties will be, ask a grill that has them expand further on one of the items.

Ask how many children are at the nursery

Ask what a typical day is similar to
Will i be responsible for my own key children?
Are at hand opportunities for future training on things such as first aid, food safety and Early years foundation stage training?
Will i be given the opportunity to lend a hand towards doing observations & documenting the childrens development? How does the nursery do this?
Who will i be responsible to?
What is the nurseries ethos?
How many children will be in my attention to detail & how many in the whole nursery?
What is the age scale of the children?

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