(New Job) come first preschool coach, things to do adjectives afternoon long?

Monday I start a new job as a head preschool professor. I will have 12 children and I want to impress my boss with how good I am beside kids. I'm shy so sometimes I fear what others will think about me. I won't sing if adults are watching me, or I won't jazz, things like that. I want to be more confident, more outgoing, and I really don't want her to regret hiring me. What are some things that I can do with the children to keep them busy? I'm nearby from 9am to 6pm so I will need a wide variety of things to do. Coloring doesn't second long. 2 year olds don't have a very big attention span. I love to do art and so do the kids so do you have any art planning that may not require a lot of materials? What else can I do with them to keep busy during the afternoon? When my boss walks in, I always want to be doing something near the kids. Please help!
I have the same feeling more or less this as Jen, who answered you earlier.
You should have learned what events are suited for each age group when you did your training in school. What did you do next to the children at your previous jobs? You wouldn't be the lead teacher if this be your first job. I'm thinking this must simply a day care center and not an actual preschool, since the children will be here for 9 hours.
Something sounds wrong here. You are going to be the Head Teacher, and yet you enjoy no idea on what to do with the children. Also, you are more concerned with impress your boss and "keeping the kids busy" than actual educational procedures. How did this happen?

Go to your local library and ask the librarian where the mentor resource section is. Look for teacher reference books for Preschool. There is one publication call "Mailbox" that is a monthly magazine. Check a few out and take them home to look at. Mailbox magazine is one of the most poplar resources that Preschool teachers use. Another book to look for is "The Complete Daily Curriculum" by Pam Schiller. There are abundant teacher websites to go to. Scholastic.com, abcteach. perpetual preschool, enchanted research, preschool express. For art, check out books by MaryAnn Kohl at the library. Source(s): Preschool Teacher
as you say 2yr old children hold little attention span you need to have a variety of accomplishments going on. Construction toys, jigsaws, art and craft, I am surprised that you seem to have so few ideas, imagine of your training and apply all the ideas you gained. You will find your confidence wil grow and soon you will know how to sing and dance whoever is watching as your attention will be wholly focused on the children. Relax and enjoy one of the greatest job in the world. Source(s): NNEB. pre schooler for more years than I care to divulge

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