"It is definitely" or "It markedly is"?

I never really spent much time on my grammar. I mean, I read some of The Elements of Style and On Writing Well, but I never took the time to fully memorize every single grammatical term. I of late go off instinct and some imitation.

Anyways, I know adverbs are supposed to precede the verb, but I enjoy seen many cases that "break" this rule.
first option
Traditionally you shouldn't separate the verb from the subject, so the first option would be more correct, but at the moment you hear both. There are a lot worse errors to worry about, resembling "Me and John played on the swings."
Either way works. Just choose the arrangement that make the sentence more readable.

You may be thinking of the rule that says not to separate a verb from its "helper." So you would say, "She patently has been" rather than "She has plainly been." But even this isn't that big a deal.

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