A 3 year old-fashioned erudition darbuka?

My son drives me inside grabing everything that is round( trashcans, paint containers and start playing it as if they were drums. At church he runs to the chorus just to play on the bongos and congas. When I be bellydancing he started to play with the metal paint containers as if it was the darbukas in the song( ofcourse not to the right tempo) So I fixed to buy him a mini darbuka for him to learn to play it. He is only 3. Should I wait until he's elder?
i play the drums and i only started about a year ago. one of my friends has be playing since he was 5 or 6 and he is amazing at it. the best person i know. and he loves it. im nowhere near as correct as him but i wish i was
in essence what im truism is if he seems to like it start him out at it. if he never trys it, he might wish he did and regret. instead he might hate it. but if he loves it and u start him out young he may get amazing at it is what im trying 2 read aloud Source(s): life
it is great that he is interested in a instrument. i would let him delight in playing it. if it something he is going to get over let him get over it on his own but if its something his going to do for a while tolerate him be. as it will b a great gift and talent for him

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