4 yr ancient other sick?

My boyfriends son is 4 years old, he is very pale, underweight and other sick, constant green snotty nose, yucky cough and has had his tonsils and adnoids removed, but still snores and sounds approaching he is snoring while he is awake. He has had a green snotty nose for roughly speaking 4 months and is always making others around him sick. what should we do
u must bring him to see a doctor. u stated it like it very worse and if it is true, go to a doctor! i can simply give an account u anything cause im a teacher and not a doctor!
It's possible that his iron is borderline if he's very sickly.
A doctor can test his blood to make sure he isn't slightly anaemic.
He might just want a short course of iron to pick up his immune system.

He could be allergic to dust mites in carpet, pillows or bedding.

Is he getting plenty of play in the sunshine and fresh nouns?

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Well, definitely take him to the doctor ASAP, you dont want matters to receive worse, and i mean dreadfully worse. Doctor, ASAP
You might ask his pediatrician about carrying out tests him for allergies. Since his tonsils and adnoids have been removed, that would be something else that needs to be address.
Take the boy to the doctor up to that time he gets more sick.
Does he take vitamins? Thats something he def sounds resembling he needs..He doesnt sound healthy any..its he malnourished..Does he eat? He needs to see a doctor and asap.
Have his Immune System checked by a doctor. It is possible that he has an Immune Deficiency. The Immune System is what fights infections surrounded by our body. If his Immune System is not working properly, he is not able to fight past its sell-by date infections like he should.

You can look up the website for The Immune Deficiency Foundation to give you more information.

My son has an immune less. He was sick all the time, lots of ear infections, etc. Nobody checked his immune system until he was 14 years behind the times. The doctors don't want to check it because it is rare to have an immune deficiency. It's not an expensive experiment, but they just don't want to do it because they feel it's often expendable. I had to sit in the chair at the doctor's organization and say "I'm not leaving until you order this test". Then they did it. We have been through years of illness before afterwards.

If you have them do the test (it's a blood test) then you will at lowest possible know what you are or are not dealing with. If his body is able to fight infection, afterwards you know it's ok in that respect, and can concentrate in other areas.

Good Luck Source(s): Preschool Teacher
i'd take the kid to the hospital.

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