Dose anyone know the given name of to pitcher books that own children beside disabling conditions?

i need the title author publisher name city copyright date
Type in contained by your browser address window, then on the left paw side, click on books. When it takes you to books, look under "categories" on the left side for "children's books". On that page, at the top, here is a search box. Type in disabilities, and you will get a tremendous document of books on this topic. Click on the title of whatever books look interesting to you and it will take you to a detailed information page about that book. You can catch title author and illustrator right at the top, but if you scroll down the page to Product Details, you will find the other info you need. You can look at the recommended age range to see if the books fit the criteria you are looking for. Picture books probably basically means books illustrated for young children, and most of these books will be what you involve! Email me if you have any questions about how to find what you entail.

This is your homework, and I figured you are better off if I explain to you how to find this kind of information than if I newly give you a list! If you are going to work with immature children, you need to know how to find this kind of info. That's the purpose of the assignment! If you actually want the book, you can probably find a lot of the ones on the list at your library. Source(s): ECE teacher, mother of 3, grandmother of a intact bunch
Check out what books your local library has. If this is CDA, then the tester may ask you about the book. You will entail to know how to find it, and what is in the picture book. At the library, do a subject search, (Children with disabilities). If you can, do an advanced explore to limit to juvenile books. Libraries usually label JP or JE for preschool books. Then, and only afterwards, if you get stuck, ask the librarian how to use the search catalog.

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