3 year olds research beside an african snail?

i volunteer at a preschool and i'm taking my african snail in to show the children. what ideas can i do with the snail? i'm gonna clutch some lettuce and cucumber in so the children can help prepare the food and feed it to the snail, and i can inform them that they come from africa and are house pets not like the snails in the garden. any ideas please and i shall award you near 10 points for a good answer
Your question made me curious, so I googled African snail. Wow--those things are huge! I also read that it's illegal to own them in the U.S., so I hope you're somewhere else. Anyhow, how about having some generous of craft to go with your presentation? You could make a simple drawing of the snail, get copies, and give it to the kids as a coloring page. Or give them a picture of the snail without its shell, consequently they color and spiral-cut a small plate or use the bottom of a paper bowl as the shell. Have fun!
you could also take in a usual garden snail to compare sizes with etc ?

sounds like fun though

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