16 year olds to vote?

hey i was just reading an article online about the voting age to be lowered within Australia to 16. currently it is 18. i am a 16 year old student and i don't agree with this new proposal as i have a feeling that as a 16 year old i am not mature enough to vote and judge by my peers i also feel they are not mature enough any. but that's my opinion, i want to know what you think about 16 year antiquated voting! please leave ur answers!
You just feel as a 16 year old - you need to be kidding me!
16 year old don't need to vote, i know various 18 yr olds who don't need to vote either.

personally i'm 24 and i've never voted, i be excited when i registered, but that wore off quick
i feel the same instrument because 16 year olds are not too young to vote but not mature enough and they hold better things to do like study (lol) but if your 18 you know momre about politic stuff and u shud be mature adequate to vote AND you have time to vote (for some people)
not a soul is mature enough to vote.. if we where every statute would be perfect

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