Are school closed for yom kippur?

I know the post office isnt and my son is in preschool and it says that he have off but i wasnt sure if that was right or not since its only a religious holiday not a internally recognized holiday..Do your kids have school?
No, they do not close schools for yom kippur. it is not view as a holiday at all on the calender school year as an observed holiday.
You need to go on your child's school website and find out for sure. If the academy is a religious school or if the State you live in recognizes the holiday, or if the university decides to take an inservice day is their choice. You can also nickname up the school and listen to a recorded message.
As others own said it will vary. Every school in our county is close tomorrow for Yom Kippur, I live within MD. If your son's school calendar says the school is closed later I am sure that it is.
It depends on where you live. In Massachusetts the school are closed for Yom Kippur. In Texas they are not. Source(s): I'm a parent who has lived in both states.

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