3 1/2 yr dated daycare trouble?

My 3 1/2 year old just moved up into a new class at his preschool. He go from a class of 8 to a class of 17. When the teachers ask him to do something, he screams so loud that it is disrupting the other children and also he runs around and does not want to sit and participate next to others at craft time. I have taken him for an evaluation and am starting Occupational Therapy today for him. They stated at this time that there are not any other areas of concern, which be a relief. Just wanted to know if anyone has experienced anything resembling this? I feel it may be just the transition, but the directors of the daycare still think near may be something THERE as they put it. I love this school, he loves this school, and even the neighborhood kids are in his class. Any info shared would be appreciated :)
No I don't think it is anything else. He misses his friends and it's difficult to integrate into a large crowd of children for some children your son's age.
My son just had an O.T. evaluation this morning, after years of trying to get a referral. I would impart him some time to adjust -- 2 to 3 weeks at the most. If his teachers are still concerned, have them write down what concerns them. Notify his pediatrician and let him/her know of the concerns. If they are valid concerns, you will be referred for further conducting tests. Good luck! Source(s): mother to a child with autism and SPD
Ah...no, I haven't have situations with my own child like this but have be in these situations as child care teachers. I agree that you want to give it a few weeks. It's a BIG transition to go from 8 to 17 and there probably is smaller amount staff as well. There is a lot more stimuli in a larger classroom. Being that he have been at this daycare and you both like to programs...work with the staff if they perceive there is something "there". I've also used that phrase...at times where my gut feeling say something but I can't put my finger on it and need more observation time. Keep open to what the staff influence...if you haven't heard anything regarding your child's progression with this difficulty, be sure to ask! Keep the communication lines unequivocal :-).
I wouldnt be too concerned since this alteration occured with the classroom change and was not a problem contained by his previous class. Not only does he now have to adjust to investigational teachers, classmates,but a new environment as well. I previously worked as a preschool mentor. At my center Kids R Kids, when transition was looming, we would let the child visit the untried class for a short period of time (gradually increasing it over time) and eventually move him and his stuff up to the new class once the child and parent was comfortable. Try seeing if his daycare center is predisposed to move him back and gradually move him up. they can start w/sending him over for circle time then permit him come back...move up to circle time and free play...outside...lunch...make nap time the finishing transition.

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