How to become a nursery tutor?

I have now finished school and hold no idea what to do next! I've left it too unpaid to apply for college this term. Tbh im not sure i want to go to college. I was purely wondering if I have to go to college to become a nursery teacher? Im 18 and from Scotland. Thanks.
To be a nursery don you need to have gone to University and completed a degree within Early Childhood studies or an early years education related degree. You will call for to have qualified teacher status.
If you would like to work contained by a nursery with the children as a key worker or a group leader you can study for Childcare NVQs which you will have need of to do at a college.
You may be able to get a job at a nursery as an assistant or play worker and do your NVQs through the nursery and a local college.
Good luck Source(s): I'm an Early Years educationalist with a PGCE in Early Years Education

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