9th grade math.?

Question:ok 9th grade is gonna be my first year at a public school and i had to take the leap test. i passed everything but the math part...im going to take it again in 1 week. but if i fail it again, will i still be able to get into the PUBLIC schoool or will i have to go to a PRIVATE school? will i be able to still go to the public school and take like a remedial math class? or like what? i really need to know!!

You'll be fine. In the US, everyone..and I mean everyone.is entitled to a free public education. Do the best you can and learn the rest as you continue in high school for your diploma. Good luck!
Entrance into a public school is not determined by a test. The test could be used for placement but it will not prevent you from entering the public school. If you failed the LEAP you will most likely be put in a lower level math but not "remedial" necessarily. Your scores and your areas of weakness should be used to determine what type of math class you would be enrolled in.
Hi Jackson. I don't know what the Leap test is in your school. Guessing... is it to see if you're ready for 9th grade? They HAVE to let you into public school; private schools are the ones that can refuse you. You might be able to take a remedial math class if you still need help. How did you do in 8th grade math? Do you know where your weak areas are? 1 week is not much time to study, but I bet you could try. What state are you in? I know, don't give out too much info. I work in Ohio's public high school system, finished my 18th year as a sign language interpreter. Math is strong for me. Please answer my Q's. Maybe I can help ya.

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