About the Spanish Regents...?

Question:I am in eighth grade right now, and am planning to take the Spanish Regents later today. However, I was wondering if it mattered too much if I got a 99 vs an 86, since i must get above an 85 to get a high school credit. In the speaking part, I got a 22/24, though I am pretty good at Spanish (I got the weirdest topics).
Could somebody tell me if I should go on doing it, or will it look bad if I don't get that good of a score?
Thanks in advance.

go on doing it I just got my spanish regents grade back today and it was a 100 and I am not that good at Spanish I got like 90s through my entire highschool spanish career, not bad but nothing too great.
obviously if you do better, you get a better average in your spanish class and that'll raise your gpa. if you just want to pass the class, then you can just slack off and not do so well. if you want to excel, of course its to your benefit to get the highest grade you can.

furthermore, regents only test the ability of what you learned all year and to see if you qualify to pass that class. nothing more, nothing less. spanish is pretty easy. i got a 95 when i took it =)
HEY! You got a 100?? Do you remember the answer to the 1st question in the reading passage about chocolate?? Thats the only one on the whole test that i was if-fy about.

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