Advice for an oral??

Question:I have an English oral on Thursday and i hate orals. I'm quiet at school and i get very nervous when i have 2 give orals. are there any trips that anyone can give me on how to be less stressed about speechs and how to do better at them? Pls help me...

I was that kind of person too and my only way out was doing it many times.

The most important is your vocal projection so others could all hear you. Speak out loud, but don't shout. You can practice this on your own if you wants too. All you need is a tape recorder or a simple microphone for the PC and try recording your speech from a distance.

With this recording also you could hear how you say out each word, making sure it sounds correct. Identify the words that sounds off and practice them again.

A less troublesome practice would be to practice in front of a few person, your friends or family. It helps build up your confidence to speak in front of peoples. If you can't, then just do it in front of a mirror.

Just remember to project your voice out. Look up at your audience, don't look downwards. It's bad for your posture and also hinders your voice projection. If you get nervous, sometimes your hands may shiver. If this happens to you, don't hold anything on your hand, keep both hands at your back.

And when you're really doing it on that day, just focus on what you need to say. Don't try to re-evaluate while u'r doing it, just let any mistake pass. Don't think of what others may think about you. It helps to not put pressure on yourself.

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