ADD. Do you know the truth.?

Question:Has youe child been diagnosed with any form of Attention Deficet disorder. If so what are you doing for it. I ask because i am a high school teacher, myself diagnosed with adhd, and have seen many paerents and students, use this as an excuse for everything, Bad behavior, bad attendance, etc. From my expierence ADD is more of a label to get schools more money based on the "Amount of Special Ed Kids" a school system has. Somany kids are diagnosed by guidance counsellers that actual doctors. It is, for those who have it, more of a personality trait than a disfunction. As a person afflicted, i've found that it just means you have to try a little harder at things, Any one have any ADD stories or situations and how did you deal with it

I have ADHD and so does my son. I believe that "deficit" is a misnomer. It is a group of personality traits that without guidance will effect the abilities of the individual. I never knew I had it till my son was diagnosed. At that time I realized why I had such a hard time concentrating on things sometimes. I had great parents who taught me how to control myself and stay on task. I am going to homeschool my son, he is starting 2nd grade, to help him past the uphill battle he will have learning to focus. I don't want him to have to use drugs. I know many families that choose that route and I hope that it works well for them and their children. I just believe that there have been centuries of people with this combined group of traits that have survived for all these generations w/o drugs and that through good family direction that ours will do well too.
Wow. At which high school do you teach? Remind me never to send my kids there.

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