A student at my school was suspended because he refused to wear knee length black socks. Opinion?

If that is the dress code, and enforced for all students, then he should not have refused.
He had ugly legs?
wow...thats all i can say..
It's just as stupid as the detention my stepdaughter used to get for not having on a belt! They would put her out of class for not having a belt! It was ridiculous!
I hate to say it, but the dress code is the dress code. If he knew the consequences and still refused then yes, he should have been suspended. If there was a reason that he couldn't wear them the school should have taken that into account.
I agree. If you have a dress code, then the kids need to follow it. Whats the point of having one if there are no consequences for not following it? If they would have just told him not to do it again, would that have stopped him? I'm guessing that it wasn't the first time he had an infraction or they would not have suspended him. If it was the first time, then yeah, they need to rethink their discipline policy.

If you make a dress policy, but only pay lip service to it, then you end up with no dress code at all. At my school we say shirts have to be tucked in due to safety issues (guns can be hidden under long shirts, etc.) However, all we do is tell them to tuck it in again and again, and by the end all the kids would leave them untucked because they knew that the teachers were tired of telling them to tuck it in.

The idea of a dress code is to make everyone look the same so no one is distracted by silly things like designer clothing. If they let that kid wear different socks, then they would have to let every kid do it, and it would be a slippery slope. Either enforce the dress code, or don't have one at all.

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