Against the motion cell phones are not allowed at school?

For it. Teenagers don't know whats good for them yet. And parents who let them and are for it are not helping the situation.
i am against it alot.i beleive we do need cellphones in school.for emergency.
I am for the motion. If it is an emergency, someone can call the school. Schools are for learning...cell phones are too big of a distraction.

Some people definitely need to put the phones down and take up spelling and grammar.
Oh my, I'dl ike you to be the teachers for a day and then see how you vote. Also, in Europe they can decide when you enter any type of building whether they will block all cell phones or not., I love this idea.
Cellphones are luxuries in life and not a necessity. If there were an emergency, the school would be contacted.

Also, its a very big distraction during class especially if youre texting behind your book while your teacher is lecturing.

And, cellphones wont help you further your education. And my school does not allow cellphones on campus anymore because of sick messages being texted back and forth.

And, it causes more problems for the student. If you were ever caught, imagine all the priceless information that anyone can acquire through your cellphone.

I think its not needed and its just something that teenagers use to get rid of boredom. And also, most people dont follow the rule and people will get tired enforcing it.

So its a yes/yes and no/no situation.
I think that elementary students do not need cell phones at all. Junior High and High School students should be able to bring them, but leave the phones in their lockers during class time. If the phone rings during class, it is a disruption to the entire class.

Before there were cell phones, parents were able to reach their children during school hours through the main office. I think this is how it should remain so classes are not disrupted for little problems like the parents want the student to get a gallon of milk on the way home.

Leave the cell phones in the cars, lockers, and out of the classrooms!

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