~ AUSTRALIAN High School Stundents ~ How many hours did you work last week ~ Plz fill out this simple survey ~

Question:~ hey guys i was wanted to know how many of your people out their actual worked while you attened high school. And what you guys belive is the acceptable amount of hours a week a studnet can do before he or she grades are effected. Below is the survey so if you could be kind enought to fill it out and send it to this email address(giant_tarco@hotmail.co... or answer on here it would be greatfully apprecitaed ~

Gender- Male/Female

Does part time work affect the grades of year students while the attend high school?
Q.1 ~Do you currently work?~ If no go to q.3
Q.2 ~How many hours did you work last week?
Q.3 ~How important is work to you while at work out of 10. 10 important, 1 not important
Q.4 ~ What do you belive is the max. amount of hours a student is capable of doing in a week before it effects his or her school work?
Q.5 ~ Would you say your grades have been effected since starting work or would be if you started part time work while at school?

I'm not a high school student but i've been there, i'm a 3rd yr student teacher so have a bit of insight on this. basically we encourage students to keep work down to approx 10 hours a week if in final years of school (11/12) and no more than 15 for other year-levels. It will only affect grades if you let it.
if you're going for a job say you're only available for 10 hours a week during school and take extra shifts during holidays which is when they'll most likely want you to work the most.

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