A question for all teachers...?

Question:What grade do you teach and why? I want to become a teacher but I am divided on which grade to teach. For some reasons I would like to teach elementary but on the other hand I love Algebra and consider maybe middle schoolers...

Currently, I teach 9th grade English and world history. I also sponsor varsity cheerleaders, where I deal with grades 9-12. It's hard to explain how I chose. I have a knack with older kids; I knew that I didn't want to teach elementary. I guess you really ought to evaluate yourself with regards to which age groups appeal more to you, and can you handle 8 hrs. per day with them - not only presenting material to them, but handling their situations. Before I entered education, I had to complete 10 hrs. of observation; if your school does something similar, you can spend some time in elementary and some time in middle school. That should help you make your decision. Good luck!
Please give serious thought to the children and not just the subject matter. You will be spending more waking hours with these people than you do with your own family...so make sure you go with the age that you will enjoy.

I'm getting ready to start my 12th year teaching 4th grade. I love 4th graders. My content changes sometimes.depending on what the state says must be taught but I truly adore 4th grade students.

If there is any way possible, do some substitute teaching in elementary schools...at all different age levels and at the high school.

Keep in mind too that if you major in high school math ed you may end up teaching other math classes than just algebra.

Good luck to you!

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