Advice for high school!?

Question:Today was my last day of eighth grade, I'm going to the high school next year. Any advice? Serious answers only please!

Be serious in your homework and classwork but also participate in extra-curricular activities such as drama club or sports, etc. When you're done with high school, you'll want to apply for scholarships, and they look at your grades AND your extra-curricular activities--they want to see that you have some sort of life besides the fact that you can do well in school. To get good grades in high school--keep an assignment book and don't put things off until the last minute. Take notes and get help when you need it.

On the social note... be confident in yourself and people will follow you. Be the leader and get friends that will be good friends--people who will support what you want without ridiculing you.
Study hard and keep your grades up. If you find yourself falling behind in a course, get help right away. Don't waqit until it becomes a problem before you ask for help.

There is a banner hanging in one of my college classes:

Ask a question once, fool for a minute. Don't ask a question, fool forever.
Don't try to be the most popular. Study and don't gossip. Get active in sports and community activities, that looks good on your college resume.
If you are having trouble in a subject, get help IMMEDIATELY, don't worry about what others say, the smartest ones ask for help.
good luck
High school will be somewhat more fast-paced than junior high/middle school. Take a variety of subjects, and don't get behind in your homework. Your studies will be a LOT easier if you keep up with the homework and reading that you're assigned. A good attitude - the idea that you will succeed, and that (most) of the teachers you'll encounter really ARE trying to help - is a very good thing to have as well.

Best of luck!
dont slack off during the last weeks. it could bring ur grade down drastically bcause ppl are too excited. dont freak out. 9th grade is almost easier than 8th because the teachers go easy on u. (:
we cant answer that question unless we know whan kind of person u wanna be

1- if ur a glir and wanna be popular dont hang out with weirdos
2-if ur a guy and wanna be popular never ever go out with fat girls and go to parties and make out with ramdom girls form ur school
3-study but dont tell ppl u do
thats what i do i tell ppl my grade are low and stuff. but theyr really high i tell them i never study and i do study like a nerd lol :)
trust me dont listen to the ppl here unless u wanna be a nerd
do what i did...tell ppl what they wanna hear but study!
Im in grade 9 right now. At first, I thought highschool was going to be a scary place because there will be a lot of other kids older then me. But I was wrong! Everyone is so nice. Join some clubs! High school is a new chance for you to make new friends. Everyone is new is highschool, not just you! But don't try to be popular and gossip. Try hard, and keep those marks at least an average of 85+ to get to a good university or college. If you don't understand something then ASK! THats really important!
But high school isn't just studying hard. Highschool can be really fun at the same time. According to my friends they say "Highschool will be the funnest years of your life."
Good Luck! =)
Study hard.Always ask questions if you dont understand something.Dont follow the crowd.Have a good balance between school and recreational activities.Best of luck.
Focus on making friends. That's the most important thing to do in high school because you don't learn that much anyways. Make sure you look good before you go into school. People can be really nasty if you don't. Besides that, don't dwell on anything bad people do to you. Doing that just burns bridges and makes things worse for yourself. People change drastically in high school. And definitely don't treat other people badly. That's certain to come back to haunt you at some point.

Don't focus too heavily on learning. Most of what you learn at school is propaganda put out by the government to make itself look good. If you want to learn, it is best to do so on the Internet whenever you have nothing else to do.

Going into high school, it is important to be a strong person who thinks for themself. While I don't believe there should be laws against anybody smoking, drinking, or using drugs, I don't think people should do those things either. Be willing to say no if somebody wants you to get drunk or high because doing that is harmful to yourself.

You should also be aware of your rights. Read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Those documents mean exactly what they say (even though the idiots working for the government can never figure that out) Schools love to violate the rights of people whom are too weak to stand up for them or unaware of them.

One last thing, if a teacher is bullying somebody, stand up for them. You might get in trouble, but you'll likely end up a winner because you took the moral high ground. However, you should try to get along with teachers, as long as they are reasonable.

By the way, once you turn 16 or 17 (I'm not sure which it is), you can skip any days you want. Don't do that until you are old enough that they can't charge you with "truancy." Sometimes it can be a good thing to take days off.

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