14 and in school?

Question:my school is really anoying me its making me so depressed. Im 14 and i live in england is there anyway that i can leave school soon, i dont mind doing anything


1) Find a different school.

2) Homeschool.

3) Change your attitude towards school. While outer circumstances can influence us towards certain feelings, ultimately, it's how we allow ourselves to look at those circumstances that causes us to feel depressed. There are people on death row in the US who have decided to have a positive attitude about the rest of their days. Surely death row is worse than your school! Change the way you think about it all and things will improve.

ADDED: See if correspondence, home study or online programs exist.
Don't leave school, you'll really regret it in the future. If it's really bothering you try transferring.
You need school babe, stick it out.
i know what you mend i,m 15 in school and ready to get out i think we could become best friend or maybe more but make sure u write back soon cuttie

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