1st day of school...?

Question:What should I do? clothes, hair, jewerly...
I need a good impression on people to start the new year.

What grade level??

Generally speaking, for a public school, you want to wear a nice pair of slacks or long capri pants - not tight fitting or a longer skirt. (at my school it was GREATLY frowned upon if we wore jeans on any day other than Friday, and even then not with a t-shirt).

You want to wear shoes that are comfortable, but NOT flip-flops. (at least for the first day).

If you hair is long, pull it back in a neat long ponytail; otherwise, just style it like you normally would.

Wear a nice blouse or top and some simple jewelery.

MAKE SURE to lean over, squat down, etc. and that you aren't showing anything that you ought not to be (plumber's crack, whale tail, cleavage).

Be a bit more dressed up for the first week of school, then you can start to relax a bit - you'll clearly see what others are wearing.

This is a good idea of the type of look you should maybe go for: http://www.anntaylorloft.com/catalog/out...



Good Luck
Just been yourself
Dress comfortably, but appropriately. If you are a teacher, look professional. If you are a student, be yourself.
Jeans, clean fitted tee (white preferably), cute shoes such as a pair of wedges, hair pulled away from face or brushed, a small pair of earrings, light on the makeup a little lip gloss and mascara
Look to her for tips

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