Advice on how to write persuasive essays?? :)?

Question:e.g. structure, persuasive techniques etc
any help would be greatly appreciated :)

You can write a persuasive essay (even if you disagree on the position you are taking) by following these three steps:

1) Know your audience -- be it one person or a group, try to know the audience, their likes and dislikes, and as much as possible something personal that relates to them. Try to incorporate this more person information in the essay without making it "personal". Find some authority to quote to make the point for you that you know they agree with for example.

2) Research, research, research. If you state opinion, back it up with valid authority. Do I need to say more on this.

3) Write the essay in the following style -- 1. Here's what I'm going to tell you (subject with your position). 2. Here's what I am telling you (the argument). 3. Here's what I told you (your conclusion outlining your position and the main points of how you reached it).

Follow these steps and you won't go wrong.
Give an introduction of the topic
Paragraph on one side
paragraph on the other side
Show the pros and/or cons of the side you wish to promote. If you can think of how others would challenge your stance, list them and then provide a rebutal (arguement against their stance - Ex. Abortion - anti-abortion people will say it kills a life, but pro-choice people would come-back with abortion could save the life of the mother)
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