6th Grade Bullies?

Question:My sister is going to sixth grade this year and i am telling her she will be fine but then she tells me a bully was bossing her around scince 4th grade. I just need advice to tell her what to do about it

I know from experience, that the best thing to do, is just to ignore the Bully. If the bully realizes that it's not affecting your sister, then they'll get bored and pick out another innocent little kid. But if you want rid of the bully thing, the way I treated it, was to go to the Principal, tell him or her the circumstance and then hope that something can get sorted out with that. If it's computer bullying...just block the person!
She should bully the bully back.
tell her to tell.
If all else falls just try to avoid the bully and ignore them.
tell her to joke around with the bully and be nice , tell her to say thank you and make the insults positive, the bully won't know what to do.
tell her you will help and go talk to who ever it is thats bothering her
When my younger brother got picked on by a bully, my mom told when up to school and had a private meeting with the teacher, and the teacher handled everything.
She needs to go to the principal or your parents should talk to him or her. Schools are required to protect students from bullies. It is against the law to allow a bully to behave that way. Tell your sister to look the bully in the eye and say, "Jesus loves you."
If she just tells the bully off, insult him if you want and give him points in life and attack his weak point. He'll hurt her back, but it'll be worth it cause once a bully finds that he can't just hurt her without the trouble of her hitting him back, he'll just move onto a next target.

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