Are americans going backbone to academy immediately?

I heard that students in the US are getting in place to go back to institution, which is funny because we're getting ready to leave/have left for the summer holidays contained by the UK.

Who gets more school holidays? UK OR US
Who get longer summer holidays? UK OR US

Answers:    ok i live and have taught surrounded by both countries. lived the brit system for over 26 years and the Us system for 6 years.

as a teacher i go fund on aug 4th to do training- then a week later the kids come along
the amount of training back school starts and furign the year seems contained by the uk is much less.
the americans seem to enjoy more holidays overall.
Who gets more school holidays? US
Who get longer summer holidays? us get exactly 8 weeks for summer, and we startthe vacation ahead of time int he year .
i think timewise thats the same as the british.
Yes, some students are going support to school now. It is call "Year round schools" or "Alternative School Year Schedules." Some areas in the US are overcrowded so they stagger start and finish dates to fit adjectives of the students within a certain nouns into the school. Some schools purely started their new year, July 1st; others will begin the first of August.

Schools used to originate across the nation (USA) immediately following labor day. This be because families used to need their children facilitate bring in harvests/crops. As we (USA) has become an industrialized nation, and institution years have extended, start and end date have also changed. School years really depend on the State and Region that the youth resides.

There are also summer school programs that run for 4-6 weeks.
no, we are give or take a few halfway through our summer break, but here in America, the Back-To-School sale start a good month or so before you truly need to get geared up to go back to college.
it kinda varries on where you live in America resembling some go back surrounded by the end or middle of September, but where I live I budge back like 2 weeks into Aug.
We dont stir back to school into September and find out of school in the middle of june. The US have a longr summer vacation
Barring any hurricanes, my kids will start school within August.
it varies depending on school. I don't budge back until August 25.

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