(Australia, NSW) 10 or 12 unit for the HSC?

I'm just about to enter my HSC year and there's been abundantly of talk amongst my peers as to which subjects we are going to drop. What happens with my HSC mark off if I stick with 12 units? Will i get a highly developed UAI (or ATAR)? Or will the board of studies just take my top 5 subjects?
Any help would be great, appreciation guys :)

And if you're wondering (as I know I would be =D); I'm taking Chemistry, physics, biology, food technology, 2 unit maths and standard english. I'm taking these subjects in the hopes of being a doctor/nutritionist/naturopath.
Lol, no you don't automatically obtain a higher mark for taking more subjects. Nah, they'd take the best 10 unit, including the best 2 units of English.

The advantage of doing 12 units is that, if you bomb out contained by one subject (not including English), it doesn't count, whereas if you did 10, you'd be pretty screwed.

However, if you do 10 units, you can spend more of your time focusing on those, hopefully lifting up your potential mark.

Good luck for next year! Source(s): Year 11 HSC student doing 12 unit.

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