"Physical Punishment In Schools"?

It is illegal in many countries from long time.In pakistan it is prohibited most just now. I am not a fan of physical punish meant. But due to a long history of use of stick or rod there are some problems that teacher are facing.
i) Children don't pay attention in class.
ii) Don't do there homework.
iii) Dont't swot up there lessons.
iv) Misbehave
v) Show poor results in exams.
Now, within "absence of rod" what options a teacher enjoy to tempt students to study.
Note: The brutal physical punishment is still going on at domestic level.
I grew up in a school system that didn't enjoy physical punishment and we never had those problems. There is no link between the two.
Extremely dangerous, it should be debarred internationally, but teachers have the option to,

1. Slap or overpower them with hands,
2. Verbal abuse,
3. Kick them out of academy,
4. Make them do (wrong) things,

It is extremely dangerous and wrong, teachers should be arrested and should be prisoned for at least 10 years, it is an misdeed in the UK, and I hope other countries take it into account. Source(s): Me

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