School problems trouble surrounded by classes?

i get good grades in college is just that i feel to hyper and i talk to my freinds surrounded by class to much thats were i mess up and fail.and my teachers hold on to calling my house is there any way to stop talking.its not jammy for me as it sounds and any way to be more cool with teachers. so when i do achieve in trouble they dont go to hard
yeah, you want to decide which is more important: talking to your friends, or doing ably in school.
As far as getting on your teachers biddable side, you need to show them that you are making an effort and when they see you are genuinely trying they will be easier on you as far as behavior issues.
School is no set-up and you'll regret not doing your best once its all said and done. Source(s): life
You need to work concrete so you can leave school with some clothed qualifications. If you don't have them you will be completely limited surrounded by what you can do with your life.
There is no point messing around in institution. Your life will be the only one that suffers. Try to think more something like your future.

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