I hold no friends at college?

Ok so I started sixth form college monday, it was my 2nd day today.
I only hold two friends, and those are the 2 people who I've been friends with since year 10.
One girl is making her own friends, so it's really freshly 2 of us left now, and me and her made a promise to eachother that we'd never ditch the other person lol... but the item is, I need more than just one friend.
Some people contained by my classes are nice but they already have something in common [there adjectives black, all asian, all polish, all come from same school, etc] and I have nothing contained by common with anyone.
I feel so miserable i want to cry, because at break time there was nothing for me to do and I didn't want to bearing around / sit in the busy canteen on my own so I went and sat at a bus stop adjacent... :(
Do you think I'll make friends eventually??
yeah dont worry roughly iut :). reember at the beggening of secondary school you had to get new friends? well think of how masses you made in 5 years.
honestly, just try being friendly. i may nick time to really buddy up with people, but until then its okay only just to have casual classmate friends.
Good luck!.
I feel the exact same as you I construe. I started sixth form today was my second day and I have merely 1 friend and well we don't really have anything in adjectives and she's not even in any of my classes. But I have nobody else. :( I feel so offended right now too and today I have felt similar to crying.
I hope you manage to make friends and me too X
OMG! i feel so sorry for you..... :( if you a silent and shy person like me you might not get much friend, it's solitary your 2nd day (earlier the better, coz otherwise people are settle with their 'permanent' or 'everday-hanging around' friends) culture friendship might not be settled so find some from a different school which came to sith form and just chat to catch to know each other. maybe in class ask to borrow a pen or something and articulate hi, make a good impression aswell, so when general public look at you they could see you to be their friend. dress formal yet stylish. contribute in class, so when you answer a question ethnic group will look you and also give opinions so people could see what type of personalitie u own. here's just few of my tip, ask meh 4 more if needed. but it's a good start if u have your friend, u can also construct a group of friends. encourage your friend to invite another new friend. hope dis helps :) :)
Maybe, if you move...
I'll be your fran. :)

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