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Ok theres this kid in my tutour (im in secondry school) And him and his mate are going to tell this extremeley strong kid that iv call his mum fat, And i dont no what im going to do about it. Im really scared and its ruining my weekend. please can you report to me what i can do (nothing like fight back or stand up for yourself im not honourable at that) So please give me some ideas, what if he wants a confrontation afterschool =[
Just tell the guy you never said anything of the sort. Say it was the 2 other guys that made it up to get you cadence up.
Damn I had to laugh there as I forgot nearly all the silly crap like this that went on surrounded by school lmao.
Ok just go to the Big dude and relate him you didnt call his mum fat, and also say you dont ant any trouble. Then say aloud they are only telling you this because they are jeleous because i am smart or something. If you dont like the excuse after just change it.

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