My first freshman afternoon and i don't know anyone on my bus?

ok, in a couple days it's my first day of high university, and i don't know anyone on my bus. What should i say and do? where should i sit?
freshly sit in an empty seat and dont run too far in the back, just stay contained by the upper half and youll be fine.
i have that same problem!!
atleast...i think im taking the bus.

my elder brother said to just sit infront of or next to someone who looks nice and aproachable and most likely you will become friends.
= ) Source(s): my big brotherr.
Just sit somewhere! no ones gonna yell at you or nothin.
now lunch is different...
sit near the front. listen to your ipod. strike up a conversation with someone who looks equally as frightened as you do.
simply sit in an empty bus seat. or if at hand isnt any... sit with anybody, whats the worst that could happen? who knows, I don`t know you two will become good friends.
Sit next to the hottest girl you see and act petrified. It's a valid turn-on.
It'll be fine. The first day of soaring school is nerve racking for almost everyone. Just grab a form next to a seemingly nice enough person and speak hi, or just read a book, listen to mp3/cd player, etc. It'll be fine. :)

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