How do i receive cute guys to close to me surrounded by glorious arts school? (guys only)?

im going to be a freshman at a small christian school!! help!

Answers:    you could be the university whore that all the guys want to "hit and quit"

or u could just BE YOURSELF! if u call for a guy, they will come to you! be social and u wont have any problems, and if u like a guy, try to attain him to notice u discretely,
I know you said guys only but give somebody a lift it from me im a junior and freshman year i was just similar to you but i realized i was stupid.I focused surrounded by school,face it, they arent gonna pay packet your rent wehen you graduate or help you get a shouldnt care about senior guys your freshman year because they dont really compensate attention to freshmen unless youre really hot,i dont think you should be in their face trying to impress them if you want to be with a senior i guess you hang out beside them and just be friends and maybe one of the guys will close to you for who you are..but i think you should just lay low this year attain to know the school and sophmore year you can probably do that..
Always be kind and most importantly, merely be YOU. Don't go out of your way to impress guys. That's their work ;-) And always leave a bit mystery. Don't give away too much about yourself at first, similar to what you're doing later on, etc. They'll be all the more interested contained by you... And honestly, 10 years from now, you'll be laughing your butt off. Cute guys are a dime a dozen... some are great, some are jerk. Don't waste your time on the jerks. Hope this help.
get very social and dont be afraid to put your self out ther but adjectives so higth school relation ships are good but temparay becase not a soul at the your age would be truly be willing to stay single througth higth school you will eventualy break up near that person but you should find a very angelic friend and stay friends untill you are out of higth school and then get hold of serious (this is a side plan) other wize try to find someone temporay
At a Christian school, you may have somewhat trouble in passing conservatory rules to flirt or stuff like that. But Just be nice to guys, And don't be afraid to break a few rules to get guys to sense you.
Get a makeover hunney you not good looking right now. Ya will of late make em run away. far far away to the castle in the clouds.
be urself-odd i no bt u call for friends if ur gona gt guys
and in reply 2 the ans above yes but ur allowed eyeliner n spot conceler
gud luckxxx
dont be too upfront about it, be chill something like everything and just talk to them or tender them a smile in the hall
wear clothes that will procure guys attention,not alot of makeup
Why not just focus on getting GUYS to like you and not verbs about if they're cute or not. Ugly guys need love too.
Whore it up! flirt, flash guys, and make a contribution them lap dances.
inhabitants should like you for you be your self...
u have to walk and talk to them
Don't wear a TON of makeup
just be nice to relations and don't dress slutty (dress to impress)
dress hot
put out all the boys will want you lol
grow some *** and boobs

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