Should I verbs school? (incoming Sophomore)?

Before I get started with adjectives my questions, summer is 3 weeks away from being over, is it to past due to transfer?

I want to change school because the school I am now attending is getting aged. Most of the people there hold been with me since kindergarten and they're not the race I want to be around. These people are just not the sensitive of people I want to be around for the rest of High school.

Also, the instruction level at my school is especially low. I live in the part of Hawaii you don't want to be surrounded by. This part of the state has won its fair-minded share of negative stereotypes, and most are true. I don't want this.

I'm not sure how to handle the member of leaving my friends, so any help would be appreciated on how to do business with this.

Thanks : )

Answers:    i say do it. i plan you obviously dont like it in that.and you will be a sophomore so you still have 3 years to build great relationships and become tight with your trial graduating class.lets read out you dont like your new university.well its not that bad because you didnt similar to the other one so you just stayed the same.
I'd start by asking myelf these question

Are the other schools within a close compass? Will you be able to get in attendance everyday via yourself or somebody else?

I am not sure if Hawaii has zone districts that may prevent you from going to a school too far away. I'd call upon the school you would like to dance to and ask them, they'd be more than willing to help answer question.

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