A saying, what does it mean?

Question:i found this quote online. and i dont kno what part means. lol
"they say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, thats why everyday i look in the mirror and realize how fly i am"

what are they meaning by how fly i am

thanks bunchess

fly--means hot, cool
Fly would be slang for good looking. Check the page below to get more background on how fly got to be used that way.
by saying "how fly I am" they are saying that they think they are beautiful, or really cool. Another words "I look in the mirror and realize how WONDERFUL I am."
"fly" is just slang for all around GOOD . whatever you're talking about ... movie, person, activity...
When you say how fly you are it means you know how cool you are.
"fly"-means that ya got going on!
means you look good to yourself.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder means the one looking sees the beauty. (or not) and looking in th mirror you are looking at yourself . Right? We are all beautiful in our own way.
fly = fine or beautiful.
So, if you're the one doing the looking (at yourself in the mirror) you will always be fly.
it's slang for "how cool i am" or "how awesome i am"
fly means that you are shrewd a wheeler dealer.always able to make money.
This person is vain, He/she is beholding his/her own beauty. Here fly is slang that can be understood to mean attractive. (fine, bien buena, etc.)
Fly means lookin' good!

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