"Thou canst not stir a flower Without troubling of a star"?

Question:what does that mean to you

I think that it means that God created a wonderful universe where everything and everyone has a place and a function. If we ignore our proper function, place and purpose in this world, those acts will have an effect on everything and everyone else--maybe good, maybe not.
Of course, we have all failed to serve as God intended (we are sinners all) so the world is in a mess. You may disagree with me on part of my philosophy, but you cannot argue that I am wrong about the world being a mess. If I am right (YES!), but you disagree, then how would you explain the mess we are in right now?
it freaks me plumb out is what it does and it makes me wonder what havoc have i reeked as i pullled lotsa weeds today
To me it means everything has an effect on everything else.

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